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How are prepaid card fees assessed?›

For every active Maryland ABLE Prepaid Card connected to an ABLE account there’s a $1.25 monthly fee. There’s an additional $10 fee if you request a new card or need a replacement because your current card is missing. You can request a balance refund in the form of a check from customer service for $25. Also, paper statements of your account are available by request for $25.

Are there any fees or costs associated with the card? ›

There’s a monthly fee of $1.25 which is billed monthly to your prepaid card account once you activate the card. There are no transaction fees.If you request a new card or report it missing, a $10 fee will be applied to your card balance to send you a replacement card.Here are the fee details:Monthly Fee (occurs thirty (30) calendar days after activation): $1.25Mailed Paper Statement Fee: $25Replacement Card (Standard Delivery): $10Balance Refund Paper Check Fee: $25