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What is an Authorized Legal Representative (ALR)?

An Authorized Legal Representative is someone who is legally authorized under state and federal law to make decisions on behalf of a beneficiary

You’re an ALR if you:

  • Are selected by the Beneficiary to serve as their ALR with authorized signatory on the account.

  • Can prove you have Power of Attorney, or are the Legal Guardian or Conservator of the beneficiary.

  • If the account owner is not able to manage the account, you can assist them based on meeting the following criteria:

    • You have Power of Attorney over at least the ABLE account


    • Are Guardian/Conservator for finances for the beneficiary


    • Are the spouse of the beneficiary


    • Are the parent of the beneficiary


    • Are the sibling of the beneficiary


    • Are the grandparents of the beneficiary


    • Are the Social Security Representative Payee for the beneficiary

If you don’t meet these requirements, you can use this form for limited Power of Attorney.

Securing Peace of Mind

Maryland ABLE is an investment tool for people with disabilities, helping people with disabilities and their families to save for the future, build wealth, and continue to receive needed state and federal benefits. Beneficiaries can save for what’s needed today and plan for what’s needed in the future — things like a home, assistive technology, in-home services, training for a first job or retirement, and more.

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