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Frequently asked questions

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How does gifting work?
To help friends and family grow a loved one’s ABLE account, we created a special Gift Form to facilitate the process. Fill out the information about the beneficiary and their ABLE account, and include a check of at least $10 made payable to the Maryland ABLE with the amount you want to gift. The... Read more
What happens if the beneficiary is no longer eligible for an account?
If a beneficiary no longer meets eligibility requirements, they no longer qualify for an ABLE account and they (or their account manager) should sign in to their account’s settings and update their eligibility. Their account will remain open and they can continue to use the account until the end of... Read more
How do I set up my gifting page?
To create a gifting page: Sign in: Click the gifting link on your account overview page. Set a gifting limit: You can decide to cap the amount of gift contributions you receive each year so that you can add more money to your ABLE account. Review & Publish: Get a preview of what it will look... Read more
Who can send me gifts?
Once you’ve set up your gifting page, anyone who has a link to it can contribute towards your goal. You can also give friends and family a Gift Form if they’d like to mail a check contribution. Keep in mind that gift contributions count toward your yearly standard contribution limit. So, if you’ve... Read more
What happens if I no longer want to have an online gifting page for my account?
No problem. You can delete it anytime you want, and the contributions that have previously been gifted (including pending contributions) will stay in your account.  Just sign into your account, go to your “account overview” and click on the gifting module. Select “Edit this page” and then click... Read more
Are gift-givers charged a fee when they contribute through my page?

There is no fee for bank account (ACH) gift contributions.

Using the paper Gift Form to contribute by mailing in a paper check is also fee-free.

How will I know if I’ve received gifts?
When a gift contribution has finished processing you’ll get an email letting you know someone contributed to your account, all processed gift contributions will also appear in your activity feed. Please keep in mind, any gift contributions made through an online gifting page will not be available... Read more
How do I make a gift contribution online?
To contribute online, first make sure the recipient has set up their gifting page. Then, use their gifting page link to fill out the form fields as directed — it’s just the usual stuff, like your name, address, the amount you want to contribute, the payment method you would like to use, and the... Read more
How do gifting limits work?
Gift contributions count towards your standard contribution limit for the year. Friends and family will be prevented from making gift contributions that go beyond the gifting limit you set, but gift contributions could also be capped by contributions you make. For example, if your gifting limit is... Read more
What is ABLE to Work?
The ABLE to Work Act allows beneficiaries who are employed to contribute an amount equal to the Beneficiary’s compensation for the taxable year (up to a maximum of $14,580 in 2024) each year to their ABLE accounts in addition to the annual standard contribution limit of $18,000. You can make an... Read more