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Can I roll over a 529 College Savings Plan into my ABLE account?
Yes, you can roll over money from a 529 college savings account into a beneficiary’s (or family member’s*) ABLE account without being penalized. There is a $17,000 rollover limit (less the current tax-year ABLE contributions). You can use the appropriate 529 College Savings to ABLE Rollover... Read more
What changes have been made to prepaid card accounts?
We have transitioned to a new, exciting prepaid card option for our customers, and we want to make you aware of some changes to your account. Since we have phased out your old prepaid card, when you log into your account, the Card section will be removed. Your past prepaid card transaction... Read more
How much can I contribute yearly?

Each account can receive up to $17,000 in calendar year 2023. Contributions to the account made by anyone are post-tax dollars.